About Eloise


Founded in 2013, Eloisetowear is a small clothing brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our goal is to create high quality statement designs that reflect the individual style of the wearer and accentuate a tone of timelessness. Eloisetowear embraces simplicity and attention to detail in each and every design presented to our customers, offering not only the best trends of the season but a high quality and affordable selection of clothing in the market.

The story began when our founder, Regina Riska, decided to start her own business after two year experience as a banker. There came a point where it was just not so her, working for something she didn't care for. She wasn't living her true calling. It was until she stopped doing the desk job, she started to pursue other things. The idea to plunge into the fashion industry came naturally from her hobby to getting dress up. "I always loved getting dress up," she said. Gathering all the courage, in 2013 she started off with a small collection. The line gradually grew to become a lifestyle collection by offering complete categories of clothing including tops, dresses, outerwear, bottoms, and many more.

To promote and market the line, Eloisetowear takes advantage of social media platforms to engage with current and potential customers as well as participates in curated bazaar events at the upscale malls around the city.